Olga Tanon junto a Natalia Jimenez.

12 marzo, 2018


Homenaje a Gloria y Emilio Stefan.

12 marzo, 2018

Para sacarte de mi vida.

12 marzo, 2018

Memories of Underdevelopment Is Nothing Less Than One of the Greatest Movies Ever Made.

19 febrero, 2018

I recommend this film based on the advice of my dear friend of the young years in Havana, the historian of the city Eusebio Leal. The film is a teaching of how to pass to the next life a social class in Cuba.



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 | FEBRUARY 19, 2018 | 9:00AM

Cuban director Tomas Gutierrez Alea’s Memories of Underdevelopment, from 1968, is one of the greatest pictures ever made, and it’s screening in a new restoration at Film Forum that you shouldn’t miss. Don’t be surprised, however, if what you’re watching doesn’t always look brand new or slick or clean. Though fictional, Alea’s film mixes a variety of forms, incorporating both documentary footage shot by the director on the streets of Havana as well as archival historical images. As such, it’s also often purposefully grainy, washed out, imperfect. Alternating between immediacy and reflection, fantasy and honesty, lyricism and horror, Memories of Underdevelopment feels like it’s being created before our very eyes.

Alea’s protagonist is a bourgeois named Sergio (Sergio Corrieri), who’s chosen to stay behind in Cuba, even as those close to him have already departed for the U.S. in the wake of the 1959 Revolution; the film takes place between the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Early on, we see a tense farewell between Sergio and his wife, after which he reflects on how different her life will be in the U.S., where she’ll finally be forced to work to survive. But Sergio’s refusal to leave doesn’t stem from any kind of solidarity with the Revolution. It’s rooted instead in a kind of existential lethargy. “Nothing has changed,” he remarks, looking at people cavorting by the pool of his well-appointed apartment complex. He sees statues that have been toppled, which were to be replaced by Picasso sculptures that never actually arrived. (“It’s easy to be a Communist in Paris,” he remarks, bitterly.) He sees Cuba as a land not in the midst of epochal transformation but suffering from a decay and moral inconsistency he associates with economic and social underdevelopment. People need to survive; they have no time for the books and artworks that he’s surrounded himself with.

Much of the tension in Alea’s film comes from the contrast between the depravity of Sergio’s actions and the nuance of his thoughts as expressed in voiceover. In the privacy of his home, he wraps his wife’s old pantyhose over his head. Later, he fantasizes about his housekeeper after she tells him about her baptism; he envisions it as some sort of hot, wet, sexually suggestive scenario. He picks up a young, working-class woman, Elena (Daisy Granados), by promising to get her a screen test with a director friend (which he does), then beds her in exchange for some of his wife’s fancy clothes. (Later, the girl’s family attempts to sue him for rape.) Meanwhile, he reflects on the disconnect between Cuba’s intellectuals and its people; its continuing poverty; on the exploitation of the country by the West. Sergio saves special ire for Ernest Hemingway, whose former home is filled with items from places like Spain, the U.S. and Africa, but practically nothing from the island itself. “He was never really interested in Cuba,” he mutters. Of course, Sergio doesn’t seem particularly interested in Cuban culture, either; his tastes are decidedly aspirational and First World.

Along the way, Alea also gives us lyrical passages about Sergio’s childhood, his early friendships, as well as a long-ago romance with a German emigre that still reverberates in the man’s memories. But we also sometimes hear the sounds of Sergio arguing bitterly with his wife; apparently, he created surreptitious audio recordings of their fights. We are constantly whipsawed between identification and revulsion: At times, Sergio seems very much like the kind of refined person who would go into an art theater to check out a film like Memories of Underdevelopment. Other times, he seems like a privileged monster who just might have a dead body stashed away in a closet.

That is, perhaps, kind of the point. Alea pulls us into Sergio’s psychology so that he can then interrogate our own attitudes; this man appeals to us with his sensible words but his actions are often deeply cruel and selfish. The director understood his audience; educated in Italian film schools, he could appreciate the lovely ennui of Michelangelo Antonioni and the experimental play of Jean-Luc Godard, not to mention the moral abysses of Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre. At times, his picture recalls the confessional lyricism of Bernardo Bertolucci’s Before the Revolution (1964) — a similar rumination about a young, well-off man’s difficulties reconciling himself with his revolutionary milieu.

But that’s also where the mixture of tones and forms comes in — with the film’s uneasy juxtaposition of documentary and drama, its occasional forays into agitprop, its combination of narrative episodes that alternate between the lyrical and the perverse, its rough, raw passages butting up against professionally shot and edited scenes. The experience of watching Memories is a lot more jarring than anything we might encounter with Bertolucci or Antonioni or even Godard. By letting the seams show, Alea forces us to reflect on what we’re watching, and our response to it. Early on, when Sergio introduces Elena to his director friend (played by Alea), the filmmaker remarks that his new work will be “like a collage, where everything goes,” and it’s quite clear that he’s essentially talking about thisparticular movie. In an underdeveloped land, Sergio keeps telling us, people and things are inconsistent. But as this beautiful, purposefully inconsistent film shows us, maybe that kind of chaos is what’s required to build a better world, and a better cinema.

Bilge Ebiri is the principal film critic at the Village Voice. His work also appears in LA Weekly, Denver WestwordPhoenix New TimesMiami New TimesHouston Press and Dallas Observer.



Sarasota Film Festival Poster.

16 febrero, 2018

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The Sarasota Film Festival unveiled their special edition 20th Anniversary poster for the upcoming 2018 festival. Local designer, Kelsey Hunt-Dolan, created the inspiring artwork which reflects the 20 year history of the festival brining together the art world and local Sarasota community, both of which have played influential roles in the festival.

Kelsey Hunt-Dolan, 28, is a graduate from New College of Florida where she received her B.A. in Environmental Science. Her interest in graphic design began during a graphic arts course as an elective in high school and continued through out college, where she continued building skills with small projects for on-campus and peripheral community events. Prominently self taught, she is currently the Creative Services and Web Coordinator for Friendship Centers, a local non-profit operating in five counties, which promotes health, dignity and quality of life throughout the journey of aging. Kelsey is orginially from Boca Raton, FL and resides in Sarasota, FL.

This year’s artwork represents the 20th celebration of the Sarasota Film Festival and the lasting impact from various artists. The Roman numerals “XX” on the poster commemorate the historic 20 year anniversary for the festival. John Ringling’s David statue, a replica of Michelangelo Buonarroti’s original masterpiece, is known as the symbol of Sarasota and resides in The Ringling Museum courtyard. John Ringling carved this statue between the mid-19th to early 20th century as a momentum for local artists. He had hoped to open a school of art prior to his demise, but left this statue behind to inspire future artists.


About mental health in United States and frecuently mass shooting.

15 febrero, 2018



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 By Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, gualterionunez4@gmail.com

Hay varios factores por los cuales son frecuentes los homicidios masivos por armas de fuego en las escuelas de Estados Unidos. 1.- Las armas de fuego, especialmente los rifles de asalto, facilmente modificalbles como ametralladoras, estan al alcance de cualquier persona de forma expedita. 2.- No tienen vigilancia a nivel de cuadra para detectar conductas anomalas en los vecindarios. 3.- La prensa y los medios de comunicacion hacen un heroe al criminal en la mente de los jovenes y los incita a imitarlos como ideal de una civilizacion darwiniana, inclusive a traves de seriales de television y peliculas.4.- La Atencion de Salud Mental no funciona en Estados Unidos, en la mayoria de las ocasiones la consulta del siquiatra no dura mas de diez minutos y en otros casos se hace por telefono, si te cubre un seguro o tienes dinero para pagar la consulta. 5.- El norteamericano promedio no tiene acceso a la verdadera cultura como es el museo,el ballet, la musica sinfonica, la pintura, el teatro, la danza, el cine de arte, ya que toda la sociedad esta dominada por el consumo bajo la direccion de mercadeo de las grandes transnacionales..

There are several factors for which massive homicides by firearms are common in US schools. 1.- Firearms, especially assault rifles, easily modified as machine guns, are within the reach of any person expeditiously. 2.- They do not have surveillance at the neighbourhood level to detect anomalous behavior . 3 .- The press and the media make a criminal a hero in the minds of young people and encourages them to imitate them as the ideal of a Darwinian civilization, including through television serials and movies.4.- The attention of Mental Health does not work in States. In most cases, the psychiatrist’s consultation does not last more than ten minutes and in other cases it is done by telephone if insurance covers you or you have money to pay for the consultation. 5.- The average American does not have access to the true culture such as the museum, ballet, symphonic music, painting, theater, dance, art cinema, since the whole society is dominated by consumption and the marketing of the large transnational corporations that handle the concept of instinctive consumers like cattle that goes to the slaughterhouse peacefully …

Il y a plusieurs facteurs pour lesquels les homicides massifs par arme à feu sont courants dans les écoles américaines. 1.- Les armes à feu, en particulier les fusils d’assaut, facilement modifiés en mitraillettes, sont à la portée de toute personne rapidement. 2.- Ils n’ont pas de surveillance au niveau de l’écurie pour détecter les comportements anormaux dans les quartiers. 3.- La presse et les médias font du criminel un héros dans l’esprit des jeunes et les encouragent à les imiter comme l’idéal d’une civilisation darwinienne, notamment à travers des séries télévisées et des films4. Dans la plupart des cas, la consultation du psychiatre ne dure pas plus de dix minutes et dans d’autres cas, elle se fait par téléphone si l’assurance vous couvre ou si vous avez de l’argent pour payer la consultation. 5.- L’Américain moyen n’a pas accès à la vraie culture comme le musée, le ballet, la musique symphonique, la peinture, le théâtre, la danse, le cinéma d’art, puisque toute la société est dominée par la consommation et la commercialisation des grandes sociétés transnationales qui gèrent le concept de consommateurs instinctifs comme le bétail qui va à l’abattoir paisiblement …


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Schools chief on safety: We need to focus on mental health, spotting people ‘in distress’

Como lograr que su cerebro vuelva a ser el de una persona joven por pocos centavos.

13 febrero, 2018


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Por Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, gualterionunez4@gmail.com

Segun una investigacion reciente si eres una persona de la tercera edad y haces ejercicios, el cerebro se rejuvenece, pero si antes bebes jugo de remolacha el cerebro se rejuvenece aun mas, como si fueras joven (aunque no es lo mismo beber el juego de la remolacha que comerlas hervidas pese a que sean saludables). Anteriormente habia varias investigaciones sobre los beneficios del jugo de la remolacha en las personas hipertensas pero este nuevo estudio es aun mas concluyente porque han encontrado que el cerebro de una persona mayor despues de beber jugo de remolachas y hacer ejercicios se parece al de una persona joven. Se de muchas personas mayores que compran varias latas diariamente de bebidas energizantes pero lo cierto es que lo unico que se ha probado con estas bebidas es que han mandado a varios a los salones de emergencia por problemas con el pulso cardiaco cuando se exceden al tomarlas. A las companias que venden pastillas y bebidas energizantes no les conviene predicar que simplemente tomando jugo de remolacha y haciendo ejercicios usted rejuvenece mentalmente en dos horas o menos, tampoco les conviene que la gente sepa que antes de ir a trabajar un ejercicio breve le dara energia, y si es a la luz del sol, mucho mas. Esas verdades que cuestan pocos centavos no venden salvo que usted compre remolachas en el supermercado y haga su propio jugo en casa que le sale muy barato.

 How to get your brain to be that of a young person for a few cents.

According to a recent investigation if you are a senior citizen and you exercise, the brain rejuvenates, but if you drink beet juice before the brain rejuvenates even more, as if you were young (although it is not the same to drink the game of beetroot to eat boiled even though they are healthy). Previously there were several investigations on the benefits of beet juice in hypertensive people but this new study is even more conclusive because they have found that the brain of an older person after drinking beet juice and doing exercises resembles that of a young person . I know of many elderly people who buy several cans of energy drinks daily but the truth is that the only thing that has been tested with these drinks is that they have sent several to the emergency room due to problems with the heartbeat when they are exceeded when taking them. Companies that sell pills and energy drinks should not preach that simply by drinking beet juice and exercising you rejuvenate mentally in two hours or less, it is also not convenient for people to know that before going to work a brief exercise will give them energy. , and if it is in the sunlight, much more. Those truths that cost a few cents do not sell unless you buy beets at the supermarket and make your own juice at home that comes out very cheap.

Comment faire pour que votre cerveau soit celui d’un jeune pour quelques centimes.

Selon une enquête récente si vous êtes un senior et que vous faites de l’exercice, le cerveau rajeunit, mais si vous buvez du jus de betterave avant que le cerveau ne rajeunisse, comme si vous étiez jeune (bien que ce ne soit pas la même chose de boire le jeu de la betterave que de le manger bouilli même s’il est en bonne santé) Auparavant il y avait plusieurs enquêtes sur les avantages du jus de betterave chez les personnes hypertendues mais cette nouvelle étude est encore plus concluante car ils ont constaté que le cerveau d’une personne âgée après avoir bu du jus de betterave et faire des exercices ressemble à celui d’un jeune . Je connais beaucoup de personnes âgées qui achètent plusieurs canettes de boissons énergisantes tous les jours mais la vérité est que la seule chose qui a été essayée avec ces boissons est qu’elles en ont envoyé plusieurs à la salle des urgences en raison de problèmes cardiaques. Les entreprises qui vendent des pilules et des boissons énergisantes ne devraient pas prêcher que de prendre du jus de betterave et de faire des exercices de rajeunissement mental en deux heures ou moins, il est également difficile pour les gens de savoir qu’avant d’aller travailler un petit exercice leur donnera de l’énergie et si c’est au soleil, beaucoup plus. Ces vérités qui coûtent quelques centimes ne se vendent pas à moins d’acheter des betteraves au supermarché et de faire votre propre jus à la maison qui sort très bon marché.

Con jugo de remolacha antes del ejercicio, los cerebros envejecidos se ven ‘más jóvenes’

With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look ‘younger’

Avec le jus de betterave avant l’exercice, les cerveaux vieillissants semblent «plus jeunes»


April 19, 2017
Wake Forest University
Drinking a beetroot juice supplement before working out makes the brain of older adults perform more efficiently, mirroring the operations of a younger brain, according to a new study.

Continua la falta de medicamentos en las farmacias de Cuba. Lista de medicamentos que no se encuentran en farmacia.

12 febrero, 2018

क्यूबा में एक दवा संकट और चिकित्सकीय दवाओं का एक काला बाजार खतरे है। ? भारत के साथ हुए समझौतों का क्या हुआ, क्या भारत विफल रहा?


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Por Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, gualterionunez4@gmail.com



Pese a que recientemente “Granma” publico que se resolveria la prolongada crisis de falta de medicamentos en las farmacias de Cuba mediante un convenio con la India, a la fecha, no se ven los resultados y esto ha dado lugar a la aparicion de los revendedores de medicamentos por receta y a que las personas con medicinas de precripcion tengan que esperar desde la medianoche a la apertura de la farmacia para obtener sus medicinas. Esta situacion ha llevado a numerosas personas a carecer de los medicamentos que les receta el medico y no se sabe que tiempo pueda durar esta crisis. El Ministerio de Salud Publica ha emitido un nuevo tipo de receta para tratar de controlar la situacion de la reventa de medicinas de prescripcion en el mercado negro.


1.- Puede dar lugar a un mercado negro incontrolado de drogadictos de pastillas de prescipcion como esta ocurriendo con la epidemia de los opiodes en Estados Unidos que incluso utilizan las pastillas del antidiarreico IMODIUM causantes de innumerables muertes por obstruccion instestinal, entre otras causas.

2.- Puede dar lugar a un mercado negro de exportacion de medicinas a traves de la Aduana de Cuba con un flujo creciente de viajeros -los turistas se estiman en cuatro millones debido a que medicinas que en Estados Unidos cuestan de $150 dolares a miles en Cuba cuestan mucho menos de cincuenta centavos de dolar o son gratuitas como es el caso de los anticancerigenos.


Although recently “Granma” published that the prolonged crisis of lack of medicines in Cuba’s pharmacies would be resolved through an agreement with India to date, the results are not seen and this has led to the appearance of drug resellers by prescription since people with prescription drugs have to wait from midnight to the pharmacy’s opening to obtain their medicines. This situation has led many people to lack the medicines prescribed by the doctor and it is not known how long this crisis will last.The Ministry of Public Health has issued a new type of prescription to try to control the situation of the resale of prescription drugs on the black market.


1. – It can give rise to an uncontrolled black market of prescription drug addicts like this is happening with the epidemic of opioids in the United States that even use the pills of the anti-diarrheal IMODIUM that cause innumerable deaths due to intestinal obstruction, among other causes.

2.- It can give rise to a black market for the export of medicines through the Customs of Cuba with an increasing flow of travelers – the number of tourist is estimated at four million, because medicines in the United States cost from $ 150 dollars to thousands, in Cuba cost much less than fifty cents of a dollar or are free as is the case of anti-cancer

Bien que récemment “Granma” a publié que la crise prolongée du manque de médicaments dans les pharmacies cubaines serait résolue par un accord avec l’Inde à ce jour, les résultats ne sont pas vus et cela a conduit à l’apparition de revendeurs de médicaments par prescription puisque les personnes sous ordonnance doivent attendre minuit avant l’ouverture de la pharmacie pour se procurer leurs médicaments. Cette situation a conduit de nombreuses personnes à manquer des médicaments prescrits par le médecin et on ne sait pas combien de temps durera cette crise.Le ministère de la Santé publique a publié un nouveau type de prescription pour tenter de contrôler la situation de la revente de médicaments sur ordonnance au marché noir.


1. – Il peut donner lieu à un marché noir incontrôlé des toxicomanes comme cela se produit avec l’épidémie d’opioïdes aux États-Unis qui utilisent même les pilules de l’IMODIUM anti-diarrhéique qui causent d’innombrables décès dus à l’obstruction intestinale, entre autres causes.

2.- Il peut donner lieu à un marché noir pour l’exportation de médicaments par les douanes de Cuba avec un flux croissant de voyageurs – les touristes sont estimés à quatre millions en raison du fait que les médicaments aux États-Unis coûtent de 150 à milliers de dollars. Cuba coûte beaucoup moins de cinquante cents d’un dollar ou est libre comme c’est le cas d’anti-cancer.

Los principales medicamentos que faltan en la provincia Cienfuegos, Cuba.

The main drugs that are missing in the Cienfuegos province, Cuba.

Les principaux médicaments qui manquent dans la province de Cienfuegos, Cuba.



Déficit de medicamentos: El fenómeno continúa a inicios de 2018 | 5 …

http://www.5septiembre.cu › Géneros › Reportajes

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3 days ago – La verdad es que las mismas colas del calendario anterior continúan de forma marcada en enero de 2018. La directora Técnico-Comercial también fundamenta la persistencia puntual delfenómeno, en que se trata del mes de inicio, cuando “siempre tienen lugar dificultades de contratación entre …

«Recetas» para evitar el descontrol › Cuba › Granma – Órgano oficial …

2 days ago – Varias han sido las inquietudes de la población llegadas a nuestro rotativo tras la emisión, por parte del Ministerio de Salud Pública (Minsap), de un nuevo modelo de recetas médicas que comenzó a circular el pasado 1ro. de febrero en la capital cubana. A propósito, Granma conversó con directivos de …

Cuando las medicamentos de venta libre en farmacia se convierten en un peligro de muerte.

9 febrero, 2018


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Por Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, gualterionunez4@gmail.com

When over-the-counter drugs in pharmacy become a death hazard.
When you do not consult a doctor on time and you self-medicate with over-the-counter medicines in a pharmacy, you can put yourself on the brink of death, little by little, silently as happened to my wife and me recently. My wife, due to problems with digestion and her frequent trips to the toilet, regularly took IMODIUN in pills that she bought at the pharmacy or at the gas stations. The continued use of IMODIUM led to a bowel obstruction that was not attended to on time and when she arrived at the emergency room of Sarasota Doctor Hospital she was admitted immediately and told that if she did not respond to an intensive treatment she would undergo surgery. The nurse told her that her condition was serious. She finally reacted to the treatment a few hours apart from being sent to the surgery room. When she left the hospital, she had to rest three days before returning to work. The nurse warned him not to take more IMODIUM, if he wanted to go to the bathroom she must go normally without trying to delay the toilet. For my part, a month later, a cold that lasted more than a week, eluding going to the doctor, intensified with a constant cough despite the number of cough remedies that I take over-the-counter at the pharmacy. When the cough no longer let me sleep and I could hardly work, I went to the Walking Clinic of Sarasota Memorial closest to my home where a doctor quickly found bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics. At my age, with 70 years, bronchitis could lead me to the impious grave if I had delayed more without a doctor’s attention. By not seeing the doctor, a simple cold became in a danger of death. Take out your own conclusions.

Lorsque les médicaments en vente libre en pharmacie deviennent un danger de mort.
Quand vous ne consultez pas un médecin à temps et que vous vous automédication avec des médicaments en vente libre dans une pharmacie, vous pouvez vous mettre au bord de la mort, petit à petit, silencieusement comme cela est arrivé à ma femme et moi récemment. Ma femme, en raison de problèmes de digestion et de fréquents déplacements aux toilettes, prenait régulièrement IMODIUN dans des pilules qu’elle avait achetées à la pharmacie ou dans les stations-service. L’utilisation continue d’IMODIUM a entraîné une occlusion intestinale qui n’a pas été suivie à temps et lorsqu’elle est arrivée aux urgences du Sarasota Doctor Hospital, elle a été admise immédiatement et a dit que si elle ne répondait pas à un traitement intensif, elle subirait une intervention chirurgicale. L’infirmière lui a dit que son état était grave. Elle a finalement réagi au traitement à quelques heures d’être envoyée à la salle d’opération. Quand elle a quitté l’hôpital, elle a dû se reposer trois jours avant de retourner au travail. L’infirmière l’a averti de ne pas prendre plus d’IMODIUM, s’il voulait aller à la salle de bain elle doit aller normalement sans essayer de retarder la toilette. Pour ma part, un mois plus tard, un rhume qui a duré plus d’une semaine, évitant d’aller chez le médecin, s’est intensifié avec une toux constante malgré le nombre de remèdes contre la toux que je prends en vente libre à la pharmacie. Quand la toux ne m’a plus permis de dormir et que je pouvais à peine travailler, je suis allée à la clinique de marche de Sarasota Memorial, la plus proche de chez moi, où un médecin a rapidement trouvé une bronchite et prescrit des antibiotiques. À mon âge, avec 70 ans, la bronchite pouvait me conduire à la tombe impie si j’avais retardé plus sans l’attention d’un médecin. En ne voyant pas le docteur, un simple rhume est devenu un danger de mort. Sortez vos propres conclusions.

Cuando las medicamentos de venta libre en farmacia se convierten en un peligro de muerte.
Cuando usted no consulta con un medico a tiempo y se automedica con las medicinas de venta libre en farmacia puede ponerse al borde de la muerte, poco a poco, de manera silenciosa como nos paso a mi esposa y mi recientemente. Mi esposa, por problemas con la digestion y sus frecuentees idas al toilet tomaba regularmente IMODIUN en pastillas que compraba en la farmacia o en las gasolineras. El continuo uso de IMODIUM la llevo a una obstruccion intestinal que no se atendio a tiempo y cuando llego a la sala de emergencias del Sarasota Doctor Hospital fue ingresada de inmediato y le dijeron que si no respondia a un tratamiento intensivo se le haria una cirugia. La enfermera le dijo al verla que su estado era grave. Ella Reacciono finalmente al tratamiento a pocas horas de diferencia de ser enviada al salon de cirugia. Al salir ella del hospital tuvo que descansar tres dias antes de vuelta al trabajo. La enfermera le advirtio que no tomara mas IMODIUM que si queria ir al bano que fuera normalmente sin tratar de demorar la hora del toilet. Por mi parte, un mes mas tarde, un catarro que me duro mas de una semana, eludiendo ir al medico se intensifico con tos constante pese a la cantidad de remedios para la tos que tome de venta libre en la farmacia. Cuando la tos ya no me dejaba dormir y apenas podia trabajar fui a la Walking Clinic del Sarasota Memorial mas cercana a mi domicilio donde rapidamente una medico me detecto bronquitis y me receto antibioticos. A mi edad, con 70 anos, la bronquitis pudo conducirme a la tumba impia si me hubiera demorado mas sin atencion de un medico. Por no ver al medico, un simple catarro se habia convertido en bronquitis. Saquen Uds. sus propias conclusiones.

Children with cancer live more with Cuban medicine Nimotuzumab.

4 febrero, 2018


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Children with cancer live more with Cuban medicine Nimotuzumab
Cuba guarantees care to all children with cancer, where survival has increased to 75 percent and there are cancer locations that are 100%, despite the US embargo.

Les enfants atteints de cancer vivent plus avec la médecine cubaine Nimotuzumab
Cuba garantit des soins à tous les enfants atteints de cancer, où la survie est passée à 75% et où les taux de cancer sont de 100%, malgré l’embargo américain.

Niños con cáncer viven más con medicamento cubano Nimotuzumab
Cuba garantiza la atención a todos los niños con cáncer, donde la supervivencia ha aumentado hasta un 75 por ciento y hay localizaciones del cáncer que tienen un 100 %, pese al Us embargo.

The Cuban monoclonal antibody Nimotuzumab, developed by the Molecular Immunology Center of the BioCubaFarma business group, increases the survival of children with brain stem tumors, one of the most complicated cancer sites in the pediatric age.

In a dialogue with the Cuban News Agency, Dr. Jesus de los Santos Renó Céspedes, who has been at the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR) for three decades, said that before using the drug, at 12 months, only 10 % of the children were alive or controlled and in two years there were no patients alive.

The head of the Teaching Department of that institution, stressed that at this time, five years after applying Nimotuzumab combined with radiotherapy, in that service they have alive more than 30% of patients with brain stem tumors.

He announced that in this location they are working on research designs with the monoclonal antibody, which allows to extend survival, and “although it is still low, it is difficult to rescue a child with a brain stem tumor, and at present almost 35 percent of them five years survive, “he said.

Ver articulo en espanol:

Niños con cáncer viven más con medicamento cubano Nimotuzumab …


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3 hours ago – El anticuerpo monoclonal cubano Nimotuzumab, desarrollado por el Centro de Inmunología Molecular, del grupo empresarial BioCubaFarma, aumenta la supervivencia de los niñoscon tumores del tallo cerebral, una de las localizaciones de cáncer más complicada en edad pediátrica. En diálogo con la …

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