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Gran Tierra, Maisi, my trip to the eastern end of Cuba.

20 marzo, 2018

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Gran Tierra, Maisi, a municipality in the province of Guantanamo, was the place where I went for a stay with my wife who was born in those mountains where coffee, cocoa and bananas are planted. The temperature usually has an average of 50 F in winter or less at night so that nobody needs air conditioning. The peasants of Maisi are so peaceful that they boast before the visitor that they can leave an open automobile with gold ingots that no one will touch. There the dawns are peaceful and everything is intense green although the last hurricane that finish with all the vegetation has only left palms standing. The cocoa remained standing but the coffee was completely lost. Everywhere you look, there are people building houses with plates with cement and bars that are the only ones that can withstand a hurricane. In the farm where I stay, the house of my wife’s sister, a chicken is killed from self-consumption every two days and from there, the highest point of the municipality, the Olimpo farm could portray the mountains and part of the coasts of Haiti that we face front, the radio of Haiti enters loud and clear with high modulation and also the radio and TV of the Dominican Republic. Photos Nikon D3400 by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, , Sarasota, Fl.

Gran Tierra, Maisi, un municipio de la provincia Guantanamo fue el lugar al cual me diriji para una estancia con mi esposa que nacio en esas montanas donde se siembra cafe, cacao y guineo. La temperatura suele tener una media de 50 F en invierno o menos por las noches de manera que nadie necesita aire acondicionado. Los campesinos de Maisi son tan apacibles qque se jactan ante el visitante de que puede dejar un automobil abierto con lingotes de oro que nadie lo tocara. Alli los amaneceres son apacibles y todo es verde intenso aunque el ultimo huracan que acabo con toda la vegetacion solo ha dejado palmas en pie. El cacao quedo en pie pero el cafe se perdio por completo. Dondequiera que miras hay gente construyendo casas de placas con cemento y cabillas que son las unicas que pueden resistir un huracan. En la finca donde me aloje, la casa de la hermana de mi esposa, se mata un pollo del autoconsumo cada dos dias y desde alli, el punto mas alto del municipio, la granja de Olimpo pude retratar las montans y parte de las costas de Haiti que nos quda frente por frente, la radio de Haiti entra fuerte y clara con alta modulacion y tambien la radio y la tv de Republica Dominica.

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My recently two week vacation in Santiago de Cuba IV. The House of Diego Velazquez.

20 marzo, 2018

diego-velazquez-de-cuellar-spanish-conqueror-of-cuba-b7wgn7Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar (1465 in CuéllarSpain – c. June 12, 1524 in Santiago de Cuba) was a Spanish conquistador. He conquered and governed Cuba on behalf of Spain and moved Havana from the south coast of western Cuba to the north coast, placing it well as a port for Spanish trade.He was named to lead the expedition of conquest of Cuba in 1511, with 300 men, a three-year undertaking noted for its brutality.[4] He acted under orders from Diego Columbus, recently restored as Viceroy of the Indies. He founded a number of new Spanish settlements and cities on the island, first Baracoa in 1511 and then most notably Santiago de Cuba in 1514 and Havana in 1515. Velázquez was appointed Governor of Cuba.[5]:16 The new settlers did not wish to be under the personal authority of Diego Columbus, so Velázquez convoked a general cabildo (a local government council) which was duly authorized to deal directly with Spain, and therefore removed Velázquez and the settlers from under the authority of Columbus, their nominal superior. It was a precedent that would come back to haunt him with the Mexican adventures. Noting the weakness of the natives, Velázquez authorized the importation of black slaves in 1513. He authorized various expeditions to explore lands further west, including the 1517 Francisco Hernández de Córdobaexpedition to Yucatán (see: Spanish Conquest of Yucatán), and Juan de Grijalva‘s 1518 expedition.[5]:16,27 He was made the first Adelantado of Cuba with jurisdiction over the former Governorship of the Indies.[5]:126 He initially backed Hernán Cortés‘s expedition to Mexico,[5]:44–47 but pulled back his support before the expedition was scheduled to launch. Cortés disobeyed Velázquez’s orders to disband his expeditionary force and left for Mexico anyway.[5]:56  Velázquez lost his governorship of Cuba in 1521, for his misuse of indigenous labor, but he was restored to office in 1523. At the time of his unexpected death in 1524 at age 59, he was “the richest Spaniard in the Americas,” despite financial losses on the expedition of Francisco Hernández de Córdoba and of Hernán Cortés. He completed the successful conquest of Cuba, founded towns that remain important, made Cuba economically prosperous, and turned it into the staging point for expeditions of conquest elsewhere. [6](Wikipedia).

My visit to the House of the first Governor of all America was required, I personally met at my university, the University of the East, (Universidad de Oriente,en Santiago de Cuba) with the Professor Historian of Art and Spanish architect Prat Puig who guided the research and reconstruction of the original house from which expanded the Spanish Empire in the New World, besides, I linked to it many memories with comfortable furniture similar to those that my family conserved genealogically linked to the First Governor of the Morro de Santiago de Cuba, but having witnessed the intense work of my university for rebuilding the house. I have chosen to show you a video of an amateur tourist I found on You Tube and then my pictures taken without flash with my Nikin D3400. Gualterio Nunez Estrada,, Sarasota, Fl.

Mi visita a la Casa del primer Gobernador de toda America fue obligada, conoci personalmente en mi universidad, la Universidad de Oriente al profesor Historiador del Arte y arquitecto espanol Prat Puig que guio la investigacion y reconstruccion de la casona original a partir de la cual se expandio el Imperio Espanol en el Nuevo Mundo, ademas, me ligaban a ella muchos recuerdos entranables con muebles parecidos a los que conservaba mi familia paterna genealogicamente vinculada al Primer Gobernador del Morro de Santiago de Cuba, mas haber sido testigo de los intensos trabajos de mi universidad por reconstruir la casa. He preferido mostrarles un video de un turista aficionado que encontre en You Tube y luego mis fotos que tome sin flash con mi Nikin D3400. Gualterio Nunez Estrada,, Sarasota, Fl.

This is the original Cabildo of the City rebuided by Prag Puig near de house of Diego Velazquez when the City was capital of the island.


This is the House of Diego Velazquez with arquitecture modejar influenced by the Midled East. Hall of the House. (Internet picture)


Those are the picture taken for me with my Nikon D3400.

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My recently two week vacation in Santiago de Cuba III. Night life.

19 marzo, 2018

Photos Nikon D3400, no flash, by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Fl.

There are a very safe nigth life, I walk every nigth at 1 am to 2 am and I don’t see any problem, neither any police. There are so many privated bussines open, restaurants, bar… and girls.

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Sarasota County leads region in health ranking.

19 marzo, 2018

DSC_0442 (2)Selected (2018_03_13 16_12_25 UTC)

Nikon D40, photo by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Fl.

By Barbara Peters Smith, staff writer.

Sarasota County continues to ride high as a very healthy place to live in Florida, according to the ninth annual national analysis of 30 elements that determine longevity and well-being, known as the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps.

The report suggests that we could do better, however, given our fortunate circumstances: The county came in second to St. Johns in terms of the social and economic factors that contribute to a long and healthy life, but sixth — after St. Johns, Collier, Martin, Seminole and Miami-Dade — when it comes to the actual health of our residents.

In this compilation of data by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute — intended to help county-level public health officials track their performance and plan improvements — the actual rankings fluctuate slightly from year to year, but overall patterns are difficult to budge. Sarasota County has consistently remained near the top in Florida since 2010, and on a par with the highest performers nationally.

Manatee and Charlotte counties have also earned scores that are above average for the state. Manatee ranks 23rd this year in health factors, but an impressive No. 17 in outcomes. Charlotte is No. 17 in factors and 27th in outcomes.

Vidas paralelas.

19 marzo, 2018

My recently two week vacation in Santiago de Cuba II. The doctor and the massage of a therapist.

19 marzo, 2018


DSC_0412 (2)
Dr Quintero, visiting at home in Reloj 506, Santiago de Cuba, in consultation with a friend. (All the picture were taken with a Nikon D3400)

By Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Fl.

During my stay in Santiago de Cuba, I had a daily visit at home from a specialist in homeopathic medicine with master’s studies. I refer to Dr. Quintero, a doctor of my age, 70 years old, very much in demand by the population of Santiago de Cuba and who gives lectures on the local radio. It must be said that the house where I resided was attended by doctors almost daily asking if there was a health problem and sometimes taking the whole family temperature. Doctor Quintero seems to have parapsychological powers because after taking my pressure and auscultate with the stethoscope I feel from head to foot with his hands three centimeters from my skin, he never touch me, however, if I felt a slight pressure in some parts of my body. In Cuba the medical consultation is free as well as the medicines that the polyclinics and hospitals provide, the homeopathic medicines and floral therapy that Dr. Quintero sent me were by prescription and were prepared in the pharmacy laboratory. They cost me about 20 cents of dollar each or less (After twenty days of taking these medicines disappeared the capillary fragility of the arms and the blackish coloring of my feet due to bad circulation, now they are gradually whiteening, the disappearance has also disappeared. pain in the nape of the neck and the sensation of fatigue is noticeably diminishing. My wife has been embellished to take another trip to see this doctor). To normalize the sugar in blood he sent me to take two cups of green tea with a full stomach and three pills daily thousand milligram cinnamon.

Durante mi estancia en Cuba tuve la visita diaria de un medico especialista en medicina homeopatica con estudios de master. Me refiero al Dr. Quintero un medico de mi edad, 70 anos, muy solicitado por la poblacion de Santiago de Cuba y que imparte conferencias en la radio local. Hay que decir que a la casa donde yo residia acudian medicos casi a diario preguntando si habia un problema de salud y en ocasiones tomandole la temperatura toda la familia.El doctor Quintero parece tener poderes parasicologicos porque luego de tomarme la presion y auscultarme con el estetoscopo me palpo de la cabeza a los pies con las manos a tres centimetros de la piel, nunca me toco, sin embargo, si senti una ligeras presion en algunas partes de mi cuerpo. En Cuba la consulta medica es gratis asi como las medicinas que suministran los policlinicos y hospitales, las medicinas homeopatica y de terapia floral que el doctor Quintero me mando fueron por prescripcion y se prepararon en el laboratorio de la farmacia. Me costaron unos 20 centavos de dolar cada una o menos.( Luego de veinte dias de tomar estas medicinas desaparecieron la fragilidad capilar de los brazos y la coloracion negruzca de mis pies por mala circulacion, ahora se estan enblanqueciendo paulatinamente, tambien ha ido despareciendo el dolor en la nuca y esta disminuyendo notablemente la sensacion de cansancio. Mi esposa se ha embullado a dar otro viaje para verse con este medico). Para normalizar el azucar el me mando a tomar dos tazas de te verde con el estomago lleno y tres pildoras de canela de mil miligramos diarias.


DSC_0409 (2)

Jose, a blind therapist with 24 years of experience in hospitals, specialized in Chinese acupressure, gave me daily massages from head to toe for two dollars (I always gave him a tip). His talk, always of a positive personality, was healing and nice, every time he gave me a massage at eight o’clock in the morning I felt a load of energy that lasted the whole day. He is very close to my wife’s family in the city and can be contacted by Maricel or Wendy, the daughter, in Reloj 506, between Heredia and San Basilio, Santiago de Cuba. In Santiago de Cuba, unlike Havana where everything is more expensive, a taxi costs two dollars and everything is very cheap.

Jose, un terapista ciego de 24 anos de experiencia en hospitales, especializado en digitopuntura china me daba masajes diariamente de la cabeza a los pies por dos dolares (yo siempre le daba una propina).Su platica, siempre de una personalidad positiva era sanadora y agradable, cada vez que me daba un masaje a las ocho de la manana sentia una carga de energia que me duraba el dia entero. Es muy amigo de la familia de mi esposa y se le puede contactar con Maricel o Wendy, la hija, en Reloj 506, entre Heredia y San Basilio, Santiago de Cuba. En Santiago de Cuba, a diferencia de La Habana donde todo es mas caro, un taxi cuesta dos dolares y todo es muy barato.


Sanacion del Tibet.

18 marzo, 2018

Para los amigos del blog: cierren los ojos y si es posible usen unos audifonos. Dejen que el alma fluya expandiendo el espiritu que domina la materia. Repitan la palabra sanacion y piensen en un amigo o amiga lejana con problemas de salud.

My recently two week vacation in Santiago de Cuba I

13 marzo, 2018



Photos Nikon D3400.

By Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Fl.

From February 22 to March 8 I flew with my wife from Miami to Santiago de Cuba, I went to worship the Charity of Cobre, the patron saint of Cuba, to see friends and my wife’s relatives. Visit El Morro Castle from where you can see the scenario of the US naval battle against the Spanish fleet of Admiral Cervera and the background of the Sierra Maestra. All the residents of Sarasota who visit Santiago de Cuba can reach my old house, in the center of the city, near Plaza Dolores and ask for Maricel, my wife’s sister for any help and guidance they need. The address is Reloj 506 between Heredia and San Basilio, you tell her that you are comming from Sarasota and Gualterio recommended.

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Laura Pausini en Premio Lo Nuestro 2018.

12 marzo, 2018

Ricardo Montaner canto orgulloso junto a sus hijos.

12 marzo, 2018

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