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Don Quijote de La Mancha, Haiti y Republica Dominicana son fuentes primarias de contexto de la identidad caribe.

27 julio, 2010

Cantinflas represento en el cine el ideal iberoamericano en la identidad caribe.

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:”The fashion, the role of sex in adolescence and cultural identity.Legal aspects” by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.

27 julio, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a group of tourists from Holland who visited Sarasota, Florida, where I live. I’m not surprised they were dark-skinned Netherlands as Europe is full of African immigrants, but I watched wore in the fashion design for women and men who are not normally wears a white Dutchman Europe. The group even wore signs of civilization: earrings, rings, chains that came to Latin America, especially by some Hispano-Portuguese mujjeres the dresses of the young. Finally I asked where and they said they were immigrants from Surinam, but long years had established in the Netherlands.

There are two aspects to note in this group of tourists: its high sense of humor and relaxation revealed a high degree of mental health, unlike other tourist groups that show some anxiety and tension esxtranos visit sites and the second aspect was its fidelity to the Latin American cultural identity and origin, even when they were inserted as a small Western European minority.

Many people think that fashion and the goldsmith are alienated from the spiritual world of man, but an eagerness to respond to ostentation of modern society, but science shows us that fashion is an essential part of human health, which responds to their identity, their way of thinking, humanistic ideals and ultimately, fashion, in design, responds to the confirmation of the paideia and earrings in the personality of the spiritual world and their intellectual motivations more than any eagerness material when the opposite occurs the person is alienated because solitary confinement in a world outside itself.

Spain Queen in Kenya.

The massification of design in fashion by large corporations, as opposed to the studio and fashion houses, is a form of aggression to the cultural identity and biodiversity, especially in small communities under economic pressure of low budget are susceptible to be influenced by a style of dress typified by a low-budget market without any artistic or human interest. Multinationals look to fashion consumers and jail inmates in the market and alienate their cultural identity distorting the way they project their personality.

Fashion is the first form of cultural resistance and expression of new values, reveals the intelligence of the population in the defense of their identity and is linked to mental health in the process of defining the role of sex in adolescents at the ages between 11 and 14

An ingenious way to overcome the economic pressure on biodiversity in male and female fashion is that Vietnamese young people learn to sew and design your clothes in many cases or the thousands of seamstresses and tailors individual who existed in Cuba until the late years sixties when any ordinary Cubans could wear clothes designed by a studio according to your tastes and interests of identity in contrast to what happens today when they rely primarily on imports of low-cost mass production and without any cultural or artistic interest that links them the Cuban identity and nationality. Today more than ever is a young Cuban youth dressed as Spanish, French or Floridians, a phenomenon that did not exist forty years ago when there were still thousands ateliers independent.

“It is necessary to prepare the child to take on fashion as part of the definition of sexo role based on the interest groups and ethnic communities in the ages between eleven and fourteen years, particularly in females with this erotic fantasy associated with change of clothes and fashion, unlike the male, making its reference. “(Ref: Dr. Jhon Money, Kinsey)

“The main importance of this stage from eleven to fourteen years is that it usually occurs where the first outbreak of mental illness in those at risk.” (Ref: Josefina PhD in Bestard Guillois, head of the Department of Psychiatry, School Medicine of the Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba talking about his 1993 doctoral thesis on ezquizofrenia cure and mass detection of the disease before the first outbreak in adolescent risk groups by clinical methods .- John Money, KAPLAN, filias)

For a mental health problem parents should be careful and pay attention, especially in girls, when at the age of eight years begin to show preferences in fashion and I think that between the ages of eleven to fourteen all child must have an annual evaluation psychiatrist to detect the possibility of an outbreak of mental disorders in the map of love or problems in the orientation of the role of external causes to their normal development, especially focusing on groups question genetic risk or family mediambient such as single mothers, parents of low educational level and poor families or with criminal records as well as the communities likely to be welfare cases.

It is also recommended that the level of the ministries of education classes are cutting, sewing, design and home life as a couple both females and males from eight years and during the whole of secondary education without distinction of generations fourteen years.

The mayors of municipalities and county should increase vigilance and care in schools and communities about these groups from eleven to fourteen years directing recreational activities specially designed for them, with psychiatrists and psychologists evaluating individual behavior in schools and providing that the Department of Education or the “city school board” have between these groups of students reading assignments relating to culture and history of the city where they study, as well as theater activities, photo exhibitions and film shorts on the history and local values, regardless of the national school.

Another aspect to consider in terms of mental health and normal orientation of the role of eleven to fourteen years when through erotic fantasy manifests the definition and sense of nationality, is the basis of the student’s identity refers to two aspects the same process:

 For example:

The integration of Hispanics in the United States goes through the politics of fashion in school activities and also for the support of the Spanish cultural institutions to immigration reform programs and that while this is not done to children and Hispanic children are stigmatized with the guilt of Kafka in the United States, will be self-conscious people of Hispanic origin and their poor ability to be American but born in the country. (It is known that the basis of Caribbean identity in the subconscious is contextually Don Quixote which strongly influences the Anglo-Saxon culture and the American Heritage, in particular. Without the help of Spain the immigration reform would be costly and traumatic with Latin American Hispanics living in the U.S..
Essays on the poetry of Victor Villegas ”

Published December 31, 1999 by Mediabyle S to.
 ISBN: 9993433012) “Library of the Congress”

1 .- The ethnic family-which is what holds the personality of the integration of nationality, to cite an example, whether Cuban or American, if the family is the basis of a Latin American resources are required from the source Spanish (Spain ) through cultural institutions and language to define it as a symbol of civilization in the bilingual person established in a sex-role defined.

2 .- The English national integration in these groups that spend the affirmative action process of their ethnic origin family cultures within American society is much more successful as reflected in the Asian groups with Vietnamese and African Americans with Obama himself and his wife, unlike the Hispanic groups that hide their culture for fear of being ridiculed or marginalized in American society.

3 .- Of the eight to fourteen years the American school system county-level pedagogical aim to assimilate through fashion, dance, drama, psychodrama directed by psychologists and lectures on local history and ethnic identities of students the development of this spiritual energy that has to integrate the future citizens, is American, Cuban or any other country, through a process that is more necessary even in poor economies like the Caribbean to develop the process of political integration as a community of nations. (CARICOM)


More stringent federal laws regarding protection of adolescents in the age of sex-role definition.

1 .- It must have a statutory basis for compulsory readings and activities relating to the culture of the county or school department minicipio the learner. (As is the case in Florida that has Eritage American industrial and commercial base in Sarasota, Florida in stores “Beals)

2 .- The school should promote the local fashion as the value of American culture with activities in which students participate in workshops as well as integrate the cultural group in the fashions of different ethnic groups and their expressions dance performances, musical, theatrical and artistic.

3 .- The damage to the normal development of relationships in the ages between eleven and fourteen years shall be punishable with the maximum sentences in the courts because in fact interfere with the normal development of the definition of sex-role as is shown in the thesis of temporal derivation of the role of sex in young inmates by Dr. John Money (Maryland Sicohormonal Research Unit, Johns Hopskins 1956, also have the experience of 1993 when it altered the normal rates of temporary deviation from sex-role criminal activity in three senior high schools in a municipality in Cuba and the network accused by the Cuban courts acting within those schools)

4 .- We must establish by law a quarterly inspection of psychologists and psychiatrists in secondary schools and senior high schools to assess the normal development of adolescents and risk groups as well as any abnormal activity that they will receive and be reported to the authorities because is within the schools where it was first given the phenomena that threaten the normal development of gender role or the learner can see if any school grounds.

Mental Health In Adolescents Influenced By Cultural Identity
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Article Date: April 16, 2008 – 2:00 PT

Results Showed That clothing preferences in adolescence Influence Appeared to future mental health, with Different Apparent effects by gender. Bangladeshi girls for example Were Most Likely to benefit from traditional clothing choices, and White British girls benefit from Integrated clothing choices. In contrast to Bangladeshi girls, White British girls with traditional clothing preferences Had a High Risk of mental ill health, and White British girls clothing from WHO preferred Other cultural groups (Assimilate) Were an Even at High Risk. Entirely WHO Bangladeshi boys preferred wearing western clothing Had a lower Risk of Mental Health Problems, and White British boys clothing with Integrated Choices Had the Lowest Risk of mental health problems at follow up, with the Highest Risk Being marginalis Those with clothing choices. These Findings Were Sustained weitere Even After Adjustment for place of birth, Religious groups and number of years resident in the UK.
The research did reveal an association Not between’ friend-ship based Measures of cultural identity and mental disorder, contradicting previous cross-sectional studies.
Professor Kam Bhui said:
 Health Cultural identity, as Indicated by clothing preferences, mental health Appears to Influence prospectively, According To a new study on the Risk of common mental disorders Among Bangladeshi and White British school pupils. There is a considerable amount of Already research on the effects of cultural identity on mental health outcome, But FEW are studies of adolescents, or compare ethnic groups. In this unpublished study, the cultural identity of 11 to 14-year-olds school Pupils Was Assessed by Their preferences for friends, and clothes of Their Own or Other cultural groups. Using this information, Pupils Were Classified into ‘traditional,’ ‘Integrated’, ‘Assimilate’ or ‘marginalis’ groups. The first part of the study took place in 2001. 573 White British and Pupils from a school 682Bangladeshi Representative sample of schools completed a self-report questionnaire That Assessed Their cultural, social and health characteristics.

“This research shows clothing Choices That cultural identity as Measures of Influence The Risk of mental ill health in Later Life. The results Suggest That Policies and Practices Which Encourage young people to move away from traditional forms of dress and identity to Embrace Integrated weitere ones require refinement, research and evaluation. ”
(The first prospective study Investigating cultural identity and mental health status Among adolescents living in a Culturally Diverse Society has Revealed That There Is an Association Between the two, And That Differ effects by gender and ethnic group. Researchers say the Findings, published in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Could inform social and Policies Affecting Educational Institutions caring for young people.)
Cultural Identity Of Adolescents Influences Mental
Main Category: Psychology / Psychiatry
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Article Date: June 23, 2007 – 1:00 PDT
Cultural Identity Of Adolescents Influences Mental
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Article Date: June 23, 2007 – 1:00 PDT

La moda, el rol de sexo en la adolescencia y la identidad cultural.Aspectos juridicos y legales.

26 julio, 2010

Dr. Jhon Money, australian american father of Sexofie.

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Next post:”The fashion, the role of sex in adolescence and cultural identity.Legal aspects” by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.
Ref: Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Annual Meeting
19th to 22nd June 2007
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Cultural Identity Of Adolescents Influences Mental
Main Category: Psychology / Psychiatry
Also Included In: Mental Health
Article Date: 23 Jun 2007 – 1:00 PDT
John Money CollectionJohn William Money, Ph.D. (1921-2006), sex researcher, pediatric psycho-endocrinologist and co-founder of the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins, defined the concepts of gender role and identity.



La primera dama norteamericana muestra una fuerte personalidad a traves de la moda.

La moda es la primera forma de Resistencia cultural.

Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de conversar con un grupo de turistas procedentes de Holanda que visitaban Sarasota, Florida, donde vivo. No me sorprendio que fueran holandeses de piel oscura pues Europa esta llena de inmigrantes  africanos sino que me fije en como vestian, en el diseno de la moda en las mujeres  y los hombres que no son las que normalmente viste un holandes blanco  europeo. El grupo incluso usaba signos de civilizacion: arêtes, anillos, cadenas que los acercaban a America Latina, sobre todo por cierta influencia hispano-portuguesa  en los vestidos de las mujjeres jovenes. Por fin les pregunte de donde procedian y me contestaron que eran inmigrantes procedentes de Surinam pero que llevaban largos anos  establecidos  en Holanda.

Hay dos aspectos que note en este grupo de turistas :  su elevado sentido del humor y relajacion que revelaba un alto grado de salud mental, a diferencia de otros grupos turisticos que muestran cierta ansiedad y tension al visitar lugares esxtranos, y el segundo aspecto  fue su fidelidad a la identidad cultural latinoamericana de origen aun y cuando se encontraban insertados como  una pequena minoria europea occidental.

Muchas personas piensan que la moda y la orfebreria  estan desvinculados del mundo espiritual de hombre sino que responden a un afan de ostentacion de la sociedad moderna, sin embargo la ciencia nos demuestra que la moda es parte esencial de la salud del hombre, que responde a su identidad, a su forma de pensar, sus ideales humanisticos y que en ultima instancia,la moda,  en su diseno, responde a la confirmacion de la paideia y sus aretes en la personalidad del mundo espiritual y su motivaciones intelectuales mas que cualquier afan material, cuando se produce lo contrario la persona se enajena porque se incomunicada en un mundo ajeno a si misma.

La masificacion  del diseno en la moda por las grandes transnacionales, a diferencia de los atelier y casas de moda, es una forma de agression a la identidad cultural y la biodiversidad, sobre todo en pequenas comunidades bajo la presion de  bajos  presupuesto economicos que son suceptibles de ser influidas por una forma de vestir tipificada por  un Mercado de bajo presupuesto sin ningun interes artistico o humano. Las transnacionales de la moda miran a los consumidores como reclusos en la carcel del mercado y enajenan su identidad cultural distorsionando la forma en que proyectan su personalidad.

La moda es la primera forma de Resistencia cultural y de expresion de nuevos valores, revela la inteligencia de la poblacion en la defensa de su identidad y esta vinculada a la salud mental en la etapa de definicion del rol de sexo en adolescentes en las edades comprendidas entre los 11 y 14 anos.

Una forma ingeniosa de superar la presion economica sobre la biodiversidad  en materia de moda femenina y masculina es que los jovenes vietnamitas aprenden a coserse y disenar su ropa en muchos casos o las miles de costureras y sastres particulares que existian en Cuba hasta finales de los anos sesenta cuando cualquier cubano comun podia vestir con ropa disenada por un atelier acorde con sus gustos e intereses de identidad a diferencia de lo que ocurre hoy dia cuando dependen fundamentalmente de importaciones de produccion masificada de bajo costo y sin ningun interes cultural o artistico que los vincule a la identidad y la nacionalidad cubanas. Hoy mas que nunca se ve a jovenes cubanos vestidos como jovenes espanoles, franceses o floridanos, un fenomeno que no existia hace cuarenta anos atras cuando aun existian miles de ateliers independientes.

“Es necesario preparar al nino para asumir la moda como parte del proceso de la definicion del rol de sexo segun los intereses de grupos y comunidades etnicas, en las edades comprendidas entre los once y catorce anos, particularmente en las hembras cuya fantasia erotica esta asociada al cambio de ropas y la moda, a diferencia del varon, haciendose su referencia.”(Ref: Dr. Jhon Money, Kinsey)

“La principal importancia de esta etapa de once a catorce anos es que es  donde suele aparecer el primer brote de enfermedades mentales en los grupos de riesgo.” (Ref: Doctora en Ciencias Josefina Bestard Guillois, jefa del Departamento de Siquiatria de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba hablando de su tesis doctoral de 1993 sobre cura de la ezquizofrenia y deteccion masiva de la enfermedad antes del primer brote en grupos de riesgo en adolescentes por metodos clinicos.- Jhon Money, KAPLAN, filias)

Por un problema de salud mental los padres deben ser cuidadosos y prestar atencion, sobre todo en las ninas, cuando a la edad de ocho anos comienzan a mostrar preferencias en la moda y considero que entre las edades comprendidas de los once a los catorce anos todo menor de edad debe tener una evaluacion anual del siquiatra para detectar la posibilidad de un brote de enfermedad mental, desordenes en el mapa del amor o problemas en la orientacion del rol por causas externas a su desarrollo normal, sobre todo enfocando la cuestion en los grupos de riesgo genetico o de mediambiente familiar como lo son madres solteras, padres de bajo nivel escolar y familias pobres o con expedientes delictivos asi como las comunidades proclives a ser casos sociales.

Asimismo es recomendable que a nivel de los ministerios de educacion se les de clases de corte, costura, diseno y hogar de vida en pareja tanto a hembras como a varones a partir de los ocho anos y durante toda la ensenanza secundaria sin distincion de generos hasta los catorce anos.

Los alcaldes de municipios y county deben aumentar la vigilancia y el cuidado en las escuelas y comunidades sobre estos grupos de once a catorce anos destinando actividades de recreacion especialmente disenadas para ellos, evaluando con siquiatras y sicologos el comportamiento individual en las escuelas y disponiendo que el departamento de educacion o los “city school board” dispongan entre estos grupos de estudiantes lecturas obligatorias referidas a la cultura y la historia del municipio donde estudian, asi como actividades de teatro, exposiciones fotograficas y filmaciones de cortos sobre la historia y los valores locales, independientemente de los planes nacionales escolares.

Otro aspecto a considerar en cuanto a salud mental y orientacion normal del rol de los once a los catorce anos cuando a traves de la fantasia erotica se manifiesta la definicion y el sentido de nacionalidad, es la base de la identidad del estudiante referida a dos aspectos de un mismo proceso:

 Por ejemplo:

La integracion de los hispanos en Estados Unidos pasa por la politica de la moda en las actividades escolares y tambien por el apoyo de las instituciones culturales espanolas a los programas de reforma migratoria ya que mientras esta no se haga a los ninos y jovenes hispanos se les estigmatizara con la culpa de Kafka dentro de Estados Unidos, seran personas acomplejadas por su origen hispano y con una pobre capacidad para ser norteamericanos aunque hayan nacido en el pais.(Es sabido que la base de la identidad caribe en el subconciente es contextualmente Don Quijote que influye poderosamente en la cultura anglosajona y en el America Heritage,  particularmente. Sin el auxilio de Espana la reforma migratoria resultara costosa y traumatica en los hispanos iberoamericanos residentes en Estados Unidos. 
Ensayos Sobre LA Poesia De Victor Villegas”

Published December 31, 1999 by Mediabyle S a .

 ISBN: 9993433012 )

1.- La base familiar etnica que es la que sostiene la personalidad de la integracion a la nacionalidad, por citar, un ejemplo, sea cubana o norteamericana, si la base familiar es la de un  iberoamericano se necesitaran recursos de la fuente espanola(Espana) a traves de las instituciones culturales y el idioma para definirla como simbolos de civilizacion en la personalidad bilingue establecida en un rol de sexo definido.

2.- La integracion nacional al ingles en estos grupos que pasan el proceso de accion afirmativa de sus culturas familiares de origen etnico dentro de la sociedad norteamericana es mucho mas exitosa como se refleja en los grupos asiaticos con los vietnamitas y en los afroamericanos con el propio Presidente Obama y su esposa, a diferencia de los grupos hispanos que ocultan su cultura por miedo a ser escarnecidos o marginados dentro de la sociedad norteamericana.

3.- De los ocho a los catorce anos el sistema escolar norteamericano a nivel de county debe asimilar como objetivo pedagogico a traves de la moda, la danza, el teatro, el sicodrama orientado por sicologos y las lecturas sobre la historia local y de las identidades etnicas de los educandos el desarrollo de esta energia espiritual que ha de integrar el futuro ciudadano, sea norteamericano, cubano o de otro pais, mediante un proceso que es mas necesario aun en economias pobres como las del caribe para desarrollar el proceso de integracion politica como comunidad de nacionalidades.(CARICOM)


Leyes federales mas estrictas en cuanto a proteccion de los adolescentes en la edad de definicion del rol de sexo.

1.- Se debe disponer por ley una base de lecturas y actividades obligatoria referidas a la cultura del county o minicipio del departamento escolar del educando.(Como es el caso del American Eritage Florida que tiene base industrial-comercial en Sarasota, Florida en los almacenes “Beals”)

2.- La escuela debe promocionar la moda local como valor de la cultura norteamericana con actividades en la que participen en talleres los estudiantes asi como integrar al grupo en actividades culturales las modas de los diferentes grupos etnicos y sus expresiones danzarias, musicales, teatrales y artisticas.

3.- Las agresiones al normal desarrollo de las relaciones de pareja en las edades comprendidas entre los once y los catorce anos deben ser punibles con las maximas condenas en los tribunales de justicia porque de hecho interfieren el normal desarrollo de la definicion del rol de sexo como esta demostrado en la tesis de derivacion temporal del rol de sexo en reclusos jovenes por el doctor Jhon Money (Maryland Sicohormonal Research Unit, Johns Hopskins 1956, ademas tenemos la experiencia de 1993 cuando se alteraron las tasas normales de desviacion temporal del rol de sexo por actividad criminal en tres escuelas preuniversitarias de un municipio de Cuba y la red de encausados por los tribunales cubanos que actuaban dentro de esas escuelas)

4.- Se debe establecer por ley una inspeccion trimestral de sicologos y siquiatras en las escuelas secundarias y preuniversitarios para que evaluen el normal desarrollo de los adolescentes y los grupos de riesgo asi como cualquier actividad anormal que ellos perciban y sea reportada a las autoridades porque es dentro de las escuelas donde primero se dan los fenomenos que atentan contra el normal desarrollo del rol de sexo o se pueden observar en el educando si procede causales extraescolares.

Mental Health In Adolescents Influenced By Cultural Identity
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Article Date: 16 Apr 2008 – 2:00 PST

Results showed that clothing preferences in adolescence appeared to influence future mental health, with different effects apparent by gender. Bangladeshi girls for example were most likely to benefit from traditional clothing choices, and White British girls benefited from integrated clothing choices. In contrast to Bangladeshi girls, White British girls with traditional clothing preferences had a higher risk of ill mental health, and White British girls who preferred clothing from other cultural groups (assimilated) were at an even higher risk. Bangladeshi boys who entirely preferred wearing western clothing had a lower risk of mental health problems, and White British boys with integrated clothing choices had the lowest risk of mental health problems at follow up, with the highest risk being those with marginalised clothing choices. These findings were sustained even after further adjustment for place of birth, religious groups and number of years resident in the UK.
The research did not reveal an association between friend-ship based measures of cultural identity and mental disorder, contradicting previous cross-sectional studies.
Professor Kam Bhui said:

 Health Cultural identity, as indicated by clothing preferences, appears to influence mental health prospectively, according to a new study on the risk of common mental disorders among Bangladeshi and White British school pupils. There is already a considerable amount of research on the effects of cultural identity on mental health outcome, but few studies are of adolescents, or compare ethnic groups. In this unpublished study, the cultural identity of 11-14-year-olds school pupils was assessed by their preferences for friends, and clothes of their own or other cultural groups. Using this information, pupils were classified into ‘traditional;’ ‘integrated’, ‘assimilated’ or ‘marginalised’ groups. The first part of the study took place in 2001. 573 White British and 682Bangladeshi school pupils from a representative sample of schools completed a self-report questionnaire that assessed their cultural, social and health characteristics.

“This research shows that clothing choices as measures of cultural identity influence the risk of ill mental health later in life. The results suggest that policies and practices which encourage young people to move away from traditional forms of dress and identity to embrace integrated ones require further refinement, research and evaluation.”
(The first prospective study investigating cultural identity and mental health status among adolescents living in a culturally diverse society has revealed that there is an association between the two, and that effects differ by gender and ethnic group. Researchers say the findings, published in
The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, could inform policies affecting educational and social institutions caring for young people. )
Cultural Identity Of Adolescents Influences Mental
Main Category: Psychology / Psychiatry
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Article Date: 23 Jun 2007 – 1:00 PDT
Cultural Identity Of Adolescents Influences Mental
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Also Included
Article Date: 23 Jun 2007 – 1:00 PDT

ALAN SOLOMONT Embajador de Estados Unidos en España declara sobre Cuba.

25 julio, 2010

Debido a la importancia de las declaraciones del embajador norteamericano las tomamos del periodico “El PAIS’ y las reproducimos para los lectores de este blog:

Obama and Alant Solomont before to be designated ambassador in Spain.

 “La liberación de cualquier preso político es una buena noticia y el hecho de que se haya hecho en colaboración con la Iglesia católica también es bueno, pero aún quedan más de 100 presos políticos. Deben ser excarcelados sin condiciones y tener libertad para viajar y vivir en su país si lo desean. Cuba todavía tiene que demostrar, con hechos, que ha cambiado.”

P. Obama le dijo a Zapatero, en la Casa Blanca, que si Cuba daba pasos él estaba dispuesto a darlos. ¿A qué pasos se refería?

R. No puedo citarle ninguno en concreto pero es verdad que, tras el terremoto de Haití, EE UU cooperó con los países que acudieron en su ayuda, incluido Cuba. Nada le gustaría más a EE UU que practicar una política distinta respecto a Cuba, pero para eso hace falta que no se encarcele a la gente por sus ideas políticas. Lo que dijo el presidente Obama al presidente Zapatero refleja exactamente cuál es nuestro enfoque.

(Pulse aqui para ver la entrevista completa)

“Le responderé con palabras de Obama: los problemas del mundo son demasiado grandes para que los pueda resolver solo EE UU, pero ningún problema importante se puede resolver sin EE UU. El gran cambio de la política exterior con este presidente es que enfoca los retos globales de forma cooperativa. No podemos ni queremos imponer nuestros puntos de vista. El presidente ha hecho una gran inversión en construir consensos y creo que está teniendo éxito.”

Mi comentario en el periodico “El PAIS” publicado con respecto a esta entrrevista:


Gualterio Nunezs Estrada ( ) – 25-07-2010 – 16:13:43h

Considero que Estados Unidos deberia reconsiderar la medida de, aplicar extension de visas y programas de atencion en Estados Unidos, expeditos, a ex-prisioneros y sus familias que llegados a Espana, por su propia voluntad quieran emigrar a este pais donde vivo con mi familia debido a que existe un pueblo cubano en Los Estados Unidos de America que forma parte de la Nacion Cubana como patrimonio comun cultural y de parentesco entre Cuba y Estados Unidos,Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.

La ensenanza obligatoria de musica en la primaria eleva el nivel de aprendizaje.

21 julio, 2010

The teaching of music as mandatory subjects in primary school raises levels of learning.
Segun la pedagogia alemana de pre- escolar y de la escuela primaria que se aplicaba en Cuba, la musica era una materia basica, pero erroneamente, a partir de 1960 la musica dejo de ser una materia obligatoria para el estudiante que ya en tercer grado aprendia teoria y solfeo.
Ahora, se redescubre la musica a traves de los analisis del cerebro por la tecnologia de scaners como un factor fundamental en la educacion, lo mismo que los pegagogos de Alemania  habian descubierto a fines del siglo XIX por metodos empiricos.A continuiacion un fragmento en espanol del articulo en ingles qe seria publicado en julio veinte por la revista cientifica “Nature Reviews Neuroscience” Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.
According to the Old Fashion German pedagogy pre-school and primary school that operated in Cuba until 1960, the music was mandatory, a basic matter, but misleadingly, since 1960 the music ceased to be a basic subject of the student that in third grade  learned theory and music theory at that time..
Now, science rediscovered the music through the analysis of the technology brain scanners as a fundamental factor in education, as well as by the teachers had have been discovered in the late nineteenth century by methodology of the period, the same thing as today.Now we show to you a fragment of the article in Spanish it would be published in English on July 20 by the scientific magazine “Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Un compromiso activo con los sonidos musicales no sólo mejora la neuroplasticidad, dijo, sino que también permite que el sistema nervioso para facilitar el andamio estable de patrones significativos tan importante para el aprendizaje.

An active engagement with musical sounds Not Only Enhances neuroplasticity, she said, But Also Enable the Nervous System to Provide the scaffolding of Meaningful patterns stable so important to learning.
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    Nina Kraus and Bharath Chandrasekaran. Music training for the development of auditory skills Nature Reviews Neuroscience, July 20, 2010Correspondence to: Nina Kraus1,2 Email:   “El cerebro no puede procesar toda la información sensorial disponible de segundo a segundo, por lo que debe mejorar de forma selectiva lo que es relevante”, dijo Kraus. Tocar un instrumento prepara al cerebro para elegir lo que es importante en un proceso complejo que puede implicar la lectura o recordar una partitura, problemas de tiempo y la coordinación con otros músicos.

    “El cerebro de un músico selectivamente aumenta los elementos que contienen información, en el sonido”, dijo Kraus. “En una hermosa interrelación entre los procesos sensoriales y cognitivas, el sistema nervioso hace que las asociaciones entre los sonidos complejos y lo que significan.” La excelente red de sonido a efectos no sólo son importantes para la música pero para otros aspectos de la comunicación, dijo.Nina Kraus

    El artículo de Nature revisiones de la literatura que muestra, por ejemplo, que los músicos tienen más éxito que los no músicos en el aprendizaje para incorporar patrones de sonido de un nuevo lenguaje en palabras. Los niños que se muestran más fuerte formación musical activación neuronal para lanzar los cambios en el habla y tienen un mejor vocabulario y la capacidad de lectura que los niños que no recibió educación musical

    Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11, 599-605 (August 2010) |

    Science and society: Music training for the development of auditory skill
    Nina Kraus, “
    The effects of music training in relation to brain plasticity have caused excitement, evident from the popularity of books on this topic among scientists and the general public. Neuroscience research has shown that music training leads to changes throughout the auditory system that prime musicians for listening challenges beyond music processing. This effect of music training suggests that, akin to physical exercise and its impact on body fitness, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness. Therefore, the role of music in shaping individual development deserves consideratio
    Nina Kraus and Bharath Chandrasekaran are at the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory and the Roxelyn and Richard Pepper Department of Communication Sciences, Northwestern University, 2240 Campus Drive, Evanston, Illinois 60208, USA.
    Nina Kraus is also at the Institute for Neuroscience, the Department of Neurobiology and Physiology and the Department of Otolaryngology, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA.<
    Bharath Chandrasekaran is also a member of the Communication Neural Systems Research Group, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA.

Cuba: prisioneros politicos seran liberados y no seran desterrados.

20 julio, 2010

A tenor de las conversaciones con la Iglesia Catolica de Cuba seran liberados los prisioneros vinculados a causas politicas no punibles de delitos de agresion o crimenes contra personas, y, cumpliendo con lo preceptuado en la Constitucion Cubana estas personas no seran desterradas, ni obligadas a abandonar el pais, segun Ricardo Alarcon, jefe del Parlamento Cubano en una Conferencia en Ginebra, Suiza hace pocos minutos.Pese a que la Iglesia Catolica Cubana, anteriormente reitero que a ningun preso de los liberadosse le habia obligado a salir rumbo a Espana(destierro), la prensa internacional recoge la version contraria, de que fueron compulsados a abandonar el pais por un destierro forzoso.
Seria interesante conocer si los presos que han emigrado, y se declaran desterrados, con sus familias, si asi lo desean, pudieran regresar a Cuba a sus antiguas casas y ocupaciones laborales, otro derecho que contempla la actual Constitucion de la Republica de Cuba.
Cuba ready to free more ‘political prisoners’
(AFP) – 3 hours ago

GENEVA — Cuba is ready to release more political prisoners after announcing this month it would free 52, and they could remain on the island if they wished, the Cuban parliament chief told AFP on Tuesday.

Cuba said it would free 52 of 75 detainees sentenced in 2003 to prison terms of up to 28 years. The deal was reached after talks with the Roman Catholic Church and Spain.

“It was very clear from the discussions that the government’s wish is to free all the people” on condition they had not been accused of murder, parliament chief Ricardo Alarcon said on the sidelines of a conference in Geneva.

Eleven freed prisoners have already emigrated to Spain with their families and another nine were expected to arrive in Madrid this week as part of Cuba’s biggest release of political prisoners in over a decade.

Those who agreed to go into exile in Spain were the first to be freed.

Asked about the destinations of the others, Alarcon signalled they could stay in Cuba if they wanted to.

“The agreement says that they could travel abroad … but in Cuba there are people who have been freed from prison several years ago and who stayed in their homes. As in this case,” he said.

According to figures from Cuban dissidents, there would still be 115 political prisoners in Cuba after the release of the 52 announced for freedom.

The deal came after dissident hunger striker Guillermo Farinas nearly starved to death on a 135-day hunger strike.

Relatives of some of the others to be freed have said they could refuse emigration or ask to be sent to the United States instead of Spain.

Church officials have stressed that emigrating from Cuba was an offer, not a condition for the release of the prisoners with other countries offering to take the prisoners including Chile, France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

If Havana lets all 52 dissidents go it will be the largest release of political prisoners in Cuba since 1998 when 300 dissidents were spared jail time following a visit by then-pope John Paul II.

Cuba integra en dosis única vacuna pentavalente .

20 julio, 2010

Cuban vaccines. There is a new one pentavalent in one shot.

Juventud Rebelde
19 de Julio del 2010 15:55:07 CDT
Científicos cubanos integraron en una dosis única la vacuna pentavalente contra la difteria, tétanos, tos ferina, hepatitis B y Haemophilus influenzae tipo B, anunciaron este lunes medios de prensa.
Los cientificos cubanos actualmente trabajan en varias vacunas terapéuticas contra la hepatitis C, en fase de estudio clínico, hepatitis B y otra contra el cáncer de próstata, actualmente en fase uno.
Cuba Integrates Single Dose of Pentavalent Vaccine
Pediatricians praise pentavalent vaccine, question cost
Lowering the number of injections may increase the number of children vaccinated, but experts worry that inadequate reimbursement levels could stall widespread use.
By Victoria Stagg Elliott, amednews staff. Dec. 9, 2002.
Kids can expect fewer vaccine shots in the future.

The new formula involves savings for the institution, because now only one bulb is used for each dose, whereas before four were needed; besides, no additional manipulation is required.
By Roberto Hernandez / / Monday, 19 July 2010 11:28

Cuban scientists integrated a single dose pentavalent vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough: English variant for Tosferina), hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type B.

Registered by Quality Control Center of Medicines, the preparation is suitable for its application throughout the country, said Luis Herrera, director of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB for its Spanish acronyms) in the central city of Santa Clara, more than 270 kilometres east from Havana.

The new formula involves savings for the institution, because now only one bulb is used for each dose, whereas before four were needed; besides, no additional manipulation is required.

It also reduces storage costs and side effects; said Herrera was quoted by the newspaper Granma.

The expert announced that the institution is working on several therapeutic vaccines for hepatitis C, current clinical study, hepatitis B and other prostate cancer, currently in phase one.


With the promised, year-end introduction of a vaccine to include antigens for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and hepatitis B, doctors will be able to reduce the number of injections their youngest patients must endure in a single visit.

The pentavalent vaccine, which insiders expect to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration this month, will be manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and is expected to be the first of an increasing number of vaccines that protect against five and even six diseases.

“It’s less painful for the child. It is less stressful for the medical staff that is administering the vaccine, and it’s less stressful for the parent who’s watching it,” said Edgar Marcuse, MD, MPH, professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Experts say multivalent vaccines may increase vaccination rates and make parents more willing to let children get all the shots they need in one visit, rather than scheduling multiple appointments, which can lead to late vaccinations.

“I’m excited about it,” said Robert Yetman, MD, professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. “If the number of vaccines we are currently giving patients is a reason for some parents to avoid getting their children immunized, then this will help eliminate this roadblock to improving our immunization rates.”

Vaccines with antigens for five or six diseases are already in widespread use around the world. But in the United States no currently available vaccine includes more than three. Still, as much as physicians say multivalent vaccines are a significant step in the right direction, there are many concerns that reimbursement issues may impact the number of doctors who administer the new vaccine. […]

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Todo sobre los beneficios de la nueva ley de salud en Estados Unidos de America.

18 julio, 2010

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act.

If you want to know what are the benefits of the new health law signed by President Obama, please refer to this official U.S. government site where you will find what are its benefits and rights.

A consumer website from the U.S. government that provides insight into the health care marketplace. Through, individuals will have more control over

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Si usted quiere saber cuales son los beneficios de la nueva ley de salud firmada por el Presidente Obama, por favor, dirijase a este sitio oficial del gobierno norteamericano donde encontrara cuales son sus beneficios y derechos.(Haga click arriba)

Este es el correo que es referencia de esta entrado donde La Primera Dama Michelle Obama me informa que muchas personas discuten sobre el aspecto politico de la nueva ley de salud pero realmente el interes del pueblo norteamericano es saber como esta ley de salud los protege contra enfermedades y para aumentar su calidad de vida. Se que muchos hispanos como yo se rompen la cabeza pensando en que medida esto nos beneficia y por eso es tan importante conocer “a que tenemos derechos legales en Estados Unidos, cuales son nuestros derechos de salud, nuestros beneficios”.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.

 Reply |Michelle Obama to me
show details 6:54 PM (4 hours ago)
Gualterio —

When you hear about the new health reform law these days, too much talk is focused on the political.

What I’ve found is that most Americans just want to know how this new law helps their families stay healthy — and how it reduces their costs.

The first thing I tell people who ask about the Affordable Care Act is that, for moms like me, it makes our lives easier. It gives families control over their own care. And it gives us the comfort of knowing that our insurance will be there when we need it most — especially if we get sick. Then I tell them that it gets better, but there’s a lot to know. To help, this administration has set up, where folks can see customized information about how care will improve for their families.

So much of what makes this law great is its emphasis on preventive care — right now, too many people aren’t getting the check-ups or the screenings they need to stay healthy. Twelve percent of kids haven’t seen a doctor in the past year. And 59 million adults — and 11 million children — depend on an insurance plan that does not cover basic immunizations.

Health reform is changing that. Under this new law, all new private plans will provide basic preventive services — things like childhood immunizations and checkups, mammograms, colonoscopies, cervical screenings, and treatment for high blood pressure — absolutely free of charge. No copay. No deductible. No co-insurance needed.

And, on, you can not only learn what preventive steps will help keep your family healthy, but also what insurance coverage options are available based on your needs.

A focus on prevention will help us to combat diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure — chronic illnesses that right now lead to seven of ten deaths in the United States and 75 percent of our national health care costs.

And it will help us tackle an issue that is dear to my heart — childhood obesity. As some of you know one of my top priorities as First Lady is the Let’s Move! campaign, where we have made it our goal to put a stop to the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so children who are born today grow up at a healthy weight.

Each of us needs to take responsibility for our own health and the health of our families, and the new health reform law can help. That’s why I’m writing today — to make sure you and Americans across the country know how their health plans are getting better day by day under reform.

Please visit and find out more about your care:

Thank you,

Michelle Obama

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Maisi,Cuba, los paisajes mas hermosos de todo el caribe.

18 julio, 2010

Terrazas de Maisi, las mejor conservadas del planeta.

“The easternmost point of Cuba, Punta Maisí, best preserved terraces of the planet.”]

I am posting the original photos Maisi region in the province of Guantanamo that is without doubt the most stunning region of Cuba which includes landscapes of coast, and mountain terraces.
In the mountain region’s rich coffee-growing area we call “Great Land” with landscapes in certain places give the impression of being tourists in South Africa.
Maisi is not only a city rich in banana, banana, coffee and cocoa but the most dazzling tourist destination around the Caribbean with a special magic that makes you live the traveler unforgettable experiences.
The photos are courtesy of correspondent and resident teacher arleydis Tamayo Cardoza
Fecha: 16 de julio de 2010 09:52
“Sunrise in Maisi is a show full of dazzling colors and smells of the sea and flowers.”]arleydis Tamayo Cardoza <>[/caption]

Aqui les muestro fotos originales de la region de Maisi en la provincia Guantanamo que es sin lugar a dudas la region mas deslumbrante de Cuba que contempla paisajes de costa, de terrazas y montana.
En la region de montana tenemos la rica zona cafetalera llamada “Gran Tierra” con paisajes que en ciertos parajes dan la impresion al turista de estar en Sudafrica.
Maisi no es solamente un municipio rico en platano, guineo, cafe y cacao sino el destino turistico mas deslumbrante de todo el caribe con una magia particular que le hace vivir al viajero experiencias inolvidables.
Las fotos son cortesia del corresponsal y maestro residente en Maisi:

Je suis l’affichage des photos originales région Maisi dans la province de Guantanamo qui est sans doute la région la plus étonnante de Cuba, qui comprend des paysages de la côte, et les terrasses de montagne.
Dans les pays riches de la région de montagne de zone de culture du café que nous appelons «la Grande-Terre” avec des paysages à certains endroits donnent l’impression d’être des touristes en Afrique du Sud.
Maisi n’est pas seulement une ville riche en banane, banane, café et cacao, mais la destination touristique la plus éclatante dans les Caraïbes, avec une magie particulière qui vous fait vivre le voyage une expérience inoubliable.
Les photos sont une gracieuseté de correspondant et enseignant résident dans Maisi:
arleydis Tamayo Cardoza <>
Fecha: 16 de julio de 2010 09:52

Fotos originales de: Arleydis Tamayo Cardoza <>
Fecha: 16 de julio de 2010 09:52
Photo: Arleydis Tamayo Cardoza <>

Maisi Lighthouse overlooks the Bermuda Triangle.

Loma de "La Boruga" from Baracoa to Maisi where you feel in th sky as a fly.

Baracoa al extremo superior izq. y Maisi a la derecha, en el medio.

Wǒ zhāngtiē de yuánshǐ zhàopiàn mài xi qūyù zài guāntǎnàmó shěng wúyí shì zuì jīngrén dì dìqū, qízhōng bāokuò gǔba dì hǎiàn jǐngguān hé shāndì tītián.
Zài shānqū fēngfù de kāfēi zhòngzhí qū, wǒmen chēng wèi “wěidà de tǔdì” zài mǒu xiē dìfāng yǔ jǐngguān jǐ rén de yìnxiàng bèi yóukè zài nánfēi.
Mài xi bùjǐn shì yīgè chéngshì fēngfù de xiāngjiāo, xiāngjiāo, kāfēi hàn kěkě, dàn zuì yàoyǎn de lǚyóu shèngdì jiālèbǐ yǔ zhōuwéi de yīgè tèshū de mófǎ, ràng nǐ zhù de lǚkè nánwàng de jīnglì.
Zhèxiē zhàopiàn shì lǐmào de jìzhě hé zhùdì jiàoshī mài xi:  arleydis Tamayo Cardoza <>
Fecha: 16 de julio de 2010 09:52

Ambulance up "Loma de La Boruga" toward Maisi, from Baracoa.

El Presidente Obama obtiene la victoria en el Congreso sobre controles economicos en Wall Street.

15 julio, 2010

Wall Street reform victory in the Congress today.

Una victoria rotunda acaba de obtener el Presidente Obama en el Congreso de Estados Unidos de America para su proyecto de ejercer controles economicos que regulen las operaciones de Wall Street, una victoria que le da esperanza a millones de norteamericanos en bancarrota debido a operaciones fraudulentas y especulativas con “el dinero que no existe” al decir de los campesinos norteamericanos que en estos tiempos turbulentos prefieren pagar en efectivo antes de caer en trampas de financieros inescrupulosos. Por supuesto, que este es el primer paso de un largo, complejo y dificil proceso de recuperacion de la economia norteamericana que depende mas del espiritu de la nacion que de sus recursos materiales.

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