U.S. blockade impacts key sectors of Cuban economy.

The U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba, the longest in history, causes daily difficulties for Cubans, and impacts key sectors of the economy. October 27, the UN General Assembly will consider a resolution demanding an end to the policy, for the 24th time.

El bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero de Estados Unidos contra Cuba, el más largo en la historia, causa dificultades diarias para los cubanos, y causa impactos en sectores claves de la economía. El 27 de octubre proximo la Asamblea General de la ONU considerará una resolución exigiendo el fin de la política, por 24a.vez.

美國對古巴的經濟,金融和商業封鎖,最長的歷史,使日常困難古巴人,並影響到經濟的關鍵部門。 10月27日,聯合國大會將考慮通過一項決議,要求結束對政策,為第24次。

США экономической, финансовой и торговой блокады Кубы, самый длинный в истории, вызывает ежедневные трудности для кубинцев, и последствия ключевых секторах экономики. 27 октября Генеральная Ассамблея ООН рассмотрит резолюцию, требующую положить конец политике, для 24-го времени.

Le blocus économique, financier et commercial US de Cuba, la plus longue dans l’histoire, provoque des difficultés quotidiennes pour les Cubains, et les impacts des secteurs clés de l’économie. 27 octobre l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU d’examiner une résolution demandant la fin de la politique, pour la 24e fois.

october 20, 2015 17:10:38

The Isotope Center (CENTIS) was forced to halt exports to Ecuador in 2014, as its client there could only make payments in U.S. dollars. Photo: AIN

tarjetas-postales-bandera-de-ecuador--1262003153533El Centro de Isótopos (CENTIS) de Cuba se vio obligado a detener las exportaciones a Ecuador en 2014, ya que su cliente sólo puede hacer pagos en dólares estadounidenses. Foto: AIN

The U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba, the longest in history, causes daily difficulties for Cubans, and impacts key sectors of the economy.

One example can be seen at the Isotope Center (CENTIS), which was forced to halt exports to Ecuador in 2014, as its client there, MEDINUCLEAR, lacked alternative banking options to make payments to the island.

As such, CENTIS lost income amounting to $80,000 dollars, according to a voluminous national report on the consequences of this increasingly aggressive policy, presented recently in the capital.

CENTIS is the most complex radiation facility in the country and produces an assortment of labeled compounds, radiopharmaceuticals, radioisotope generators, conventional and radioisotopic diagnostic reagents for medical, agricultural and industrial use, as well as in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology.

It provides services including the calibration of activimeters, labeling with radionuclides, preclinical biodistribution and pharmacokinetics studies, repair and maintenance of biochemical and hematology analyzers, among others.

Un ejemplo se puede ver en el Centro de Isótopos (CENTIS), que se vio obligado a detener las exportaciones a Ecuador en 2014, ya que su cliente allí, MEDINUCLEAR, carecía de opciones bancarias alternativas de hacer pagos a la isla. Como tal, CENTIS perdio por importe de ingresos un monto de $ 80.000 dólares, según un voluminoso informe nacional sobre las consecuencias de esta política cada vez más agresiva, presentado recientemente en la capital. CENTIS es la instalación de radiación más compleja del país y produce una variedad de compuestos marcados, radiofármacos, generadores de radioisótopos, reactivos de diagnóstico convencionales y radioisótopos para uso médico, agrícola e industrial, así como en el campo de la ingeniería genética y la biotecnología. Proporciona servicios que incluyen la calibración de activímetros, etiquetado con radionucleidos, biodistribución preclínica y los estudios de farmacocinética, reparación y mantenimiento de analizadores bioquímicos y hematológicos, entre otros.

provincias-de-espanaThe impact is such that in July 2014, British based Lloyds Bank prevented the transfer of 7,250 euros from Spanish non-governmental organization, SODEPAZ, to buy organic sugar produced in Cuban factories.

Just a few months later, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) fined U.S. firm ESCO Corporation more than two million dollars as one of its subsidiaries had acquired briquettes containing Cuban nickel.

etafricaAs if that weren’t enough, an Ethiopian bank is withholding almost $27,000 dollars for payment of services rendered by Cuban technical and vocational level teachers specializing in electricity, as transfers were made in U.S. dollars.

The University of Sancti Spíritus continues to suffer arrears in payments from the government of the People’s Republic of Angola, for training provided young Angolans in the province, due to third-country banks’ fear of incurring U.S. Treasury Department sanctions.


Cuban industry suffers heavy losses due to Washington’s criminal blockade policy. Photo: Juvenal Balán

In the case of industry alone, losses caused by the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba exceeded $73 million dollars, a figure equivalent to the sector investment program for 2014.

The main causes of such damage are the geographical relocation of markets, the immobilization of resources in inventories and variations in exchange rates for foreign commerce and financial operations, due to the restrictions on the use of the U.S. dollar.

The report also highlights the case of Cuban stainless steel company ACINOX Commercial, based in the eastern province of Las Tunas, which suffered losses of over $33 million dollars due to the abovementioned reasons.

With that money, 31,628 tons of galvanized steel sheets for use in the self-build housing construction program could have been bought, which would have benefited 278,328 Cubans, based on four people per home, the same source added.

The report also mentions the Iron and Steel Industry Business Group (GESIME), which reported damages of over $48 million dollars, which could have bought aluminum alloy discs and components for health equipment, sugarcane harvesters and domestic refrigerators.

china_specialec_97Meanwhile, Chinese firm Ja Solar, a leading producer of solar panels, turned down a Cuban request to purchase photovoltaic material, claiming that as it traded on the U.S. stock exchange, any relationship with a Cuban company would place it in a compromising situation.

Without warning, the Grupo Flint Iberia S.A. decided to withdraw operations providing printing ink conducted through Cuban imports firm FICUBA S.L, as it was acquired by U.S. firm Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, in partnership with Koch Equity Development.

This put the printing of the widely-read daily national newspaper Granma at risk, the report noted.


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