The maternity protection for every woman worker in Cuba by Law.


The maternity protection in Cuba, for example, by Law 234 of Working Motherhood and Resolution 22 of 2003 which complements Decree is part of the social policy of the country and provides multiple benefits to the Cuban woman, possible pregnancy not only the right but to ensure the proper further development of the child and mother.

So he told Granma Guillermo Ferriol Molina, president of the Cuban Society of Labor and Social Security of the Union of Jurists of Cuba, in dialogue with our daily about the advantages to Cuban mothers maternity law to make breastfeeding mother, culminating yesterday about the Global Week dedicated to this practice.

The work commitments are placed as one of the leading causes among the many reasons that women set out for not complying with the ideal process of breastfeeding, the World Health Organization recommends it exclusively for the first six months of life and continued for two years or more.

Hence, “Breastfeeding and work we can get possible!” Has been the slogan chosen for this event, which included campaigns to support all women who work, formally or informally, in order that they can combine their job role with raising their children and, in particular, so that they can breastfeed.

“Decree Law 234 of Working Motherhood, first allows women a pregnancy care, providing facilities for the mother, and even the father, receive pre-natal care and ensures the prenatal and postnatal leave, lactation maternal and caring for children under age, “said the interviewee.

For the specialist, it is essential to safeguard the guarantee women the job, and the fact that if the mother its work has some risk during pregnancy, will enable a change of function in the workplace.

He also said, after childbirth, as the license and social benefits last until the year of the child, it permits you to perform satisfactorily exclusive breastfeeding and even longer.

“But the maternity law goes further, not only because it exceeds the six months required, but because in the event that the mother is breastfeeding after year, when he returns to work, is valued in it the possibility of having a Check out your workplace, to continue breastfeeding, in line with governing conventions of the International Labour Organisation which Cuba is a signatory, “said Ferriol Molina.

Article 20 of Decree 234 … expresses “the working mother who joins their work to the expiration of the period of postnatal leave is entitled to be granted an hour a day to nurse her child until it arrives the first year of age. When breastfeeding is granted, preferably at the beginning or end of the day, as agreed by management and workers, and is considered as working time, paid as wages “.

Moreover, although mothers who are outside the state sector of the economy is not governed by the Law 234 Decree, are themselves regulated by special social security schemes that for each of these new forms of management (workers are dictated by own and cooperatives) account, and including maternity protection.

“Unlike other countries, in Cuba people within the non-state sector, before registering as self-employed have to join the social security, to provide protection against any contingencies that arise, including maternity,” he said the expert.

Similarly, the respondent drew attention to looming challenges in this regard. “While the protection of maternity in the state sector there is already a road traveled and studied, it is necessary and appropriate to analyze how this process is behaving in other theaters of the economy, where there are natural persons according to employers they should respond to the protection that the law dictates. “





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