Poetry and Mathematic in the caribbean area identity.

Victor Villegas, poeta dominicano.Victor Villegas, poeta dominicano.

by Gualterio Nunez Estrada

In late 1977, working in the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba as a writer of scientific programming and film lecturer, met in the redeveloped National System of Education with a view to the possibility of a space race with Russia, students who had had excellent results in third grade were successful in mathematics in university courses. While in Cuba had rehearsed all didactic of mathematics, academically the expected results were not achieved. At that time, many educators indicated that a good foundation in the third grade was essential in the educational process to college and this made me conjecture that the formation of the mental model of mathematical thinking in students is established from Reading and understanding of poetry.

Theoretically speaking the poetic metaphors concerning the identity of Caribbean area codes that have as semantic fields gravitate towards historical contexts that are in the subconscious through the oral tradition, taboos of tibu and education on the nationality and identity of area. For example, we cite historical processes that have become political contexts area as “La Noche Triste Hernan Cortez,” which represents the possibility of a defeat of the colonial invaders and Haitian Revolutionwith the defeat of the elite troops of Napoleon establish physical designs of the time and space in the mind of the reader‘s understanding of the Caribbean during the caribena poetry, whether in Spanish, English or French, especially since both poets and their audience, from the language of the unconscious is the poem, seeking spiritual ascent through affirmative action. To cite some paradigms area, in Spanish, we can see this process in Luis Pales Matos poetry (Puerto Rico), Nicolas Guillen (Cuba) and Victor Villegas (Dominican Republic) (1)

What reassures me think of my earlier remarks on a theory of physical and mathematical concept in reading through the area identity that decides the behavior of a possible theory of language and mathematics on the basis of reading comprehension and particularly poetry as historical modelers physical and mathematical thinking in the Caribbean area, seem to be corroborated, or something needs to be investigated in a study of an American doctor of sciences (Language: the Cultural Tool by Daniel Everett) who found that the tribe Pirana Amazon (very happy) in this indigenous community that lives alone, whistling most conversations, always speak in direct sentences, has a mathematical concept that is no more than a lot or a little,” are not even remotely concept of two, three or even five. Moreover, contrary to what many think about the human being, have absolutely no concept of God or conceived this idea but try to teach them, do not understand, or myths, or believed in ghosts or life after death.This Issue has pitted supporters of the school linguists Noam Chomsky, his concept of Universal Grammar with this teacher seems to demonstrate that it is not a universal truth, and this topic is included in the journal of higher education in America “the Chronicle in the article” Angry Words Will one researcher’s discovery deep in the Amazon destroy the foundation of modern linguistics? By Tom Bartlett View reference: http://chronicle.com/article/Researchers-Findings-in-the/131260/

(1) http://www.worldcat.org/title/ensayos-sobre-la-poesia-de-victor-villegas/oclc/45456386


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