Oral cancer : Cuban , only preventive program in the world

Oral cancer : Cuban , only preventive program in the world

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 5:55
Written by Graciela Guerrero Garay

health – published cubaEl Cuban screening program for oral cancer spread to the community, only one of its kind in the world , allows from primary health care to the Caribbean nation is among the first with a high rate of curability of the disease , which has strong influence among malignant lesions that affect people anywhere on the planet.

Under the basic principle that prevention is more important than early diagnosis, Cuba today exhibits a greater than 10 percent mortality from cancer of the lip , floor of the mouth, tongue and gum decay , thanks to the national system established in 1982 and recognized by the World Health Organization ( WHO).

The dental clinics offer free services and are embedded regularly in the same area of the polyclinics , where so skilled cater to the population of the Family Medical Centers , core of the health scheme, which also includes visits to schools and child care centers to educate and check the status of oral school in early childhood.

The Doctor of Science Julio Cesar Santana Garay , honorary chairman of the Cancer Prevention in Latin America , said in remarks to the National Information Agency that oral cancer is among the ten manifestations of malignant type in the world, while Cuba is located approximately in the sixth.

Also stressed that adults should be done at least once a week , oral self-examination, after insisting on maintaining good dental hygiene and to any alteration – read white, red or other color spots , increased soft or hard tissue ulcer or harshly consult the dentist , the importance of removing states and premalignant lesions .

He also noted that people in high – risk smokers and drinkers should be careful with these checks , because cancer is the leading cause of death in Cuba .

In Las Tunas , as in the rest of the country , this program focuses on systematic enforcement and assumes the dynamics for each case as a specific research corroborates Dr. Dafne Mancebo Rodriguez in the “Guillermo Tejas” polyclinic of this city, which threw the injury is greater preponderance of leukoplakia , while most patients are men between the ages of 35-59 years.




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