Developed cancer drug for ‘western patients’ who could afford, not ‘for Indians’: Bayer’s CEO

Developed cancer drug for 'western patients' who could afford, not 'for Indians': Bayer's CEO

I was talking in Sarasota, Florida where I live and work since I émigré from Cuba with an Argentinian tourist pharmaceutical transnational representative in Argentina visiting Florida and he told me “Argentina or whatever country of Latin America can not develop any national pharmaceutical industry because my corporation and another transnational of pharmacist has power and money to control physicians behavior and put out of the market any competitor drug even if that drug are better and cheaper than we do. He said “is a crazy idea to have a national pharmaceutical industry in Latin-Americans countries”.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Cuban writer and journalist, Sarasota, Florida.(CLICK THE PICTURE TO READ THE ARTICLE OF “INDIA TIMES” ABOUT BAYER AND CANCER)


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