The best medical research is in the patient’s primary physician chair.X National Congress of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Delfin Perez Caballero Phd.

(English version from the original article by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.)


In the event, held in Pinar del Rio, the participants recognized that in many cases the technology is abused and put aside the doctor-patient relationship.
Zenia Regalado
December 28, 2010 0:57:37 CDT

Pinar del RÍO.Cuba. – The better analysis and better diagnostic equipment is in the chair, the conversation with the patient’s primary physician, as this leaves 70 percent of diagnosis. This doctor is emphatic when he says.

Dr. Jorge Pedroso Delgado provincial hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, Camagüey, participated in the X National Congress of Internal Medicine, which concluded recently at the Medical University Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, in this province.

The specialist recognizes that there are problems with the proper application of the medical interview, and therefore abused the technology, in which we must insist with students.

He added that there is a quantitative research designed to assess these problems and need more time to teaching, to prevent the misuse of complementary analysis and technology.

In health we must also implement the economy, he said, so that resources are directed to those who really need them. The fact that it is free medicine leads to forgetting that resources should be used correctly.

(Another doctor clarified later in the original Cuban newspaper article) “When misapplied the clinical method can lead to damage to the body, as in the case of radiation,” as exemplified, Dr. Alejandro Padilla Concepcion, primary phicisian in Pinar del Rio.

Under the proposals, a large group of doctors affirm that each patient requires an investigation involving small steps inviolable, among which is the questioning the patient, who has not sometimes all-day, in addition to considering physical.

When someone attends a hospital has trouble and needs to be heard. In this communication the world is in crisis and Cuba is no exception to this. It is known that in the UK postgraduate taught to learn to listen to the doctor in the consultation.
As was noted at the event, the physical exam is a skill exercise, and this should be considered in the formation of students is to teach it again. If the patient and the family does not cooperate with the interrogation, physical examination takes on even greater importance.
If it is thought that each patient is itself a research clinical research will not true, agreed.

According to their criteria, not evolve like disease in all people, should know the family, the environment in which it operates each person, and to the culture of each place is important to find out.

For 200 years it was said that we must identify those patients. How much finds a doctor within seven days of being a person entered? And most of this information is obtained through conversation.

When passing visit, reading medical records immediately skips to the investigations, a practice that must be banished because without the clinical method can not work.

Why use too much supplementary exams? Several interventions in internal medicine Congress noted that it is blinded by glare technology but gradually gains awareness of this and address this issue will contribute to refining the Cuban medicine.


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