How it comes a primary physician “Sarasota Memorial Hospital” was saving thousands of dollars to Medicare with a generic pill of eleven dollars per dose.

“Sarasota Memorial Hospital nurses.

This is my personal story as a Medicare patient in the “Sarasota Memorial Hospital” that solved my problem of instability, shaking hands and soles of the feet burning like on a barbecue and while my picture was like walking robot that to of sympathetic butler “Guera of Galaxies” eight hours after standing as a cashier, a story that remained intact, collapsed real torture that my personality, for five years from hundreds of dollars into debt, of thousands who paid the health insurance and tens of hours visiting different doctors to spend many complex cardiology tests, neuropathy, and other sophisticated art equipment in emergency rooms. All of them unsuccessful stabilize when my medical condition. All doctors except one, my current primary care physician in the “Sarasota Memorial Hospital” who I found thanks to the wisdom of my wife at the end of the day (if before I had found my credit for medical debts had not gone the floor) said ignore how to fix my situation and evaded giving me a clear answer to my condition, referring to specialists more in doubt than certainty, made me spend on expensive brand name pills ineffective despite promising commercial where the Paradise or complex tests and costing an Empire that were useless in resolving the problem. Most argued my age of 65 years as precondition and my weight more than 60 pounds of progamas referred me to diet and exercise to lose weight thus conjectured that the condition would disappear gradually inflamed me right foot and ankle, a overweight tensions occurred when my wife was diagnosed with cancer five years ago when it all started and I was on my normal weight with great agility and skill of long days walking or camping “camping” as they say in America.

Primary physicians of “Sarasota Memorial Hospital” in my consideration as a patient that has been fully stabilized his condition with a generic pill for $ 11. flask dollars a month, but one that is sold over the counter (as indicated by another primary care physician) and I take against negative radicals, very cheap over the counter without a prescription, which reduce muscle pain and through which I removed so commonly in the United States called “painkiller” of those they send to nephrology wards very easy, showing that it is possible to carry out and develop the medicine through the New Health Care Law President Obama lowering in thousands of billion dollar health system of the United States of America, which as seen in some U.S. hospitates that can serve as paradigms, works across the board in the practice of medical practice not to ruin the Treasury Department and loss of credit to millions of Americans who even lost their homes because of health problems and that could solve many of their problems with generic eleven dollars or at least most of them look like kangaroos jumping test and test specialists specialists, as currently happens with many patients who have become American kangaroos patient without achieving true quality of life within the health system more sophisticated and expensive the planet.
Of course, for us to access a convenient, inexpensive and expeditious save the Treasury Department of Public Health onerous costs Americans should have regular access at least a primary physician or pediatrician and would have to change or eliminate laws demands on doctors and hospitals who have to work on the defensive, sometimes paranoid thinking, never be certain if they are attending a real patient who is really a con man looking for money without working and making the case for a lawsuit with a cloud of lawyers, one should also regulate advertisements of medicines by media advertising which has not been proven and pressures from drug to prescribe the more expensive they usually are simple experiments with the public in many cases Nunez .Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.


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